Full Cap Over Both Flues

camdids Posted By camdids, Aug 7, 2010 at 1:53 PM

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    I recently posted about an issue I was having with fumes from my Oil Furnace being Drawn into the living room fireplace, while running an AC and having the windows closed. It would seem to be a drafting issue. BUT , during research I visited another Web Forum(Sorry), BobVilla.( Remember Him). I was told That I couldnt have my Chimney Capped with a Complete Multi Flue Cap and that The Two Flues, one for the Oil Furnace and the other for my Pellet Stove(this has a 4" Liner complete to the top) should be capped seperately. The Cap is from Gelco, and the company website shows clearly this is normal.
    Any one have any experience with this.
    Apreciate any advice.
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