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    I am trying to determine a fair price for a 30 foot stainless steel insert for my 45 year old furnace chimney. i want to be sure the job is done properly and i have recd quotes from $1500 to $2200 usd. can you guide me as to what i should be looking for in terms of quarantee ? and is the job really necessary? I have been told the terra cotta chimney is chipping and tiles are missing as well as out of alignment.


    Tiles are missing!! It's really rare for tiles to get up and leave! Chipping?? Virtually EVERY terra cotta chimney has chipped tiles.

    One problem that can occur with some chimney sweeps. According to these particular sweeps, EVERY chimney needs a relining job. Not to say they are being dishonest, but they hold chimneys to a very high standard. It's possible your chimney has been in the same condition for decades and worked well.
    Are you burning wood?? or oil?? If oil, you might ask your regular oil service company to take a look and determine it's condition.
    Gas? This uses a very low priced aluminum liner and the job should cost 1/3 of the quoted prices.
    Price - depends on the size and other factors. If it's 6" and straight, the $1500 quote is in the ballpark. If the size is 7 or 8", or if flex is needed, the job can be more.
    Most important is to get advice from someone that you trust.

    11/2007 Note that this question was first asked in 2001. Prices for the services and products mentioned have surely risen. Obtaining 3 or more estimates for any work to be done is a good idea and generally will allow the consumer to see if one contractor is charging considerably more than the other. Make sure to get clarificaiton on exactly what materials etc. are to be used, this can make a huge difference in price.
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