Garden Thread 2023!

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Tomatoes are up!!! 6 from dwarf tomato project, the rest are from tomatofest’s hot and humid collection and hot and humid container collection. Only 6 will be in raised beds the rest in straw bales or bags.

Garden update. I spent some time clearing the back corner of my lot for a garden. I can’t keep it on the patio. Trees were up to 4” Will be container/bale garden for now. I will squirrel prof as best I can. It will need a structure to support 30-40% shade cloth come the end of may or the beginning of June.

More tomatoes setting all the time. Color on the first ones is starting to change. Salad gutter is the best performing method. Just 3:1 coco core /perilite and watered with the same hydroponic solution as the tomatoes.

IMG_9633.jpeg IMG_9635.jpeg IMG_9636.jpeg IMG_9637.jpeg
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Looks great. That's impressive progress, especially for February. Cold weather has returned here. I had to pull my citrus back into the greenhouse. Lots of nightime temps in the 30s are forecast for the next 10 days at least.
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