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QandA Posted By QandA, Apr 11, 2003 at 2:20 PM

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    A new stove owner here with a problem. I recently purchased a house that has a Garrison Two freestanding stove in it. My problem is that I cannot tightly close/latch the front door. The right door overlaps the left, and when you try to latch it, it is now where near close to catching. The closure mechanism is the type that you turn the handle on the outside and an arm catches on the inside of the front of the stove. The problem is that when you try this, the arm mechanism only makes it into the opening and not far enough to allow it to catch behind the inside wall. Any one have any suggestions?? I saw that Garrison is out of business. Does that mean I am out of luck? I hope not. Otherwise this stove seems to be in great shape. I want to burn it. HELP!!!There is no adjustment on the doors of this stove, and I also think there may be none on the latch (look closely as it) other than bending with a pliers or a hammer.


    You should carefully check the gasketing as to whether it has hardened up in an area making it difficult for the doors to close. Press on it with a screwdriver or pliers to soften it, or replace it. Perhaps the former owner installed gasket that was too dense or too large.Look for warpage on the front panel of the stove near where the latch clamps. It might be possible to beat on the rear of this area with a hammer to push it forward a bit so the latch catches easier.It would be my guess that this problem can be easily solved with some thinking and some good elbow grease. I've rarely heard of a garrison becoming unusable.
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