Q&A Gas and pellet stoves..can they use the same (common) chimne

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    My wife and I are designing our new home to be built in southern Michigan. We are considering using a LP gas log fireplace in the living/family room and also installing a woodburning/pellet stove in the basement directly below. What are your thoughts? Can they use the same chimney?


    They can not use the same chimney
    1. A pellet stove does not need a chimney. It uses a "direct vent" right thru the wall.
    2. many LP fireplaces also can use a direct vent...but if you are getting a regular wood fireplace with gas logs in it- then you need a full fireplace (usually metal) chimney.
    3. If you get a woodstove in the basement- it needs it's own class A chimney- either masonry or metal
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