gas boiler control board issues ?


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Jan 25, 2010
N.W. Ohio
I recently purchased an investment property with a gas boiler. it has a honeywell l8148e1299 control board. when i first turned the boiler on the circulator imediatly started running before the boiler even fired. Is this normal? then i had issuws with the automatic damper opening all the way so that the boiler could ignite. i turned the switch on the damper off and got the boiler to work. after a day or so it quit and the only way it will light and circulste is if i push in on the switch thing that looks like points on a old car. any idea what is wrong. i found a control board but it,s expensive so wondering if this one can be fixed ? the conection on the board that goes to the damper didn,t seem to make a good conection unless i pushed on it. thanks J.T,


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Jan 22, 2018
Jackson Co, WV
J.T. do you still have an issue with this? I googled the honeywell control board that you need replacing. What are its functions? Does it just kick on a blower at a certain temp?