Gas Fireplace Not Turning On

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Nov 14, 2019
First on all, this is all new to me, so please bear with me if I make mistakes on the terms.

I have a standing pilot Heatilator gas fireplace with a Robert Shaw Valve.

The facts:
  1. Pilot light lights and stays lit
  2. I get about 450 mV from the Thermopile
  3. When I flip the switch the voltage does NOT drop, but the switch wiring does close the circuit
  4. I cannot get the Thermocouple off, so I don't know if its working correctly
Can it be an issue with the main control valve? Any ideas?

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Rap the valve with the handle of a screwdriver. Don't MASH it, just a sharp rap.
Make sure you hit the metal casing of the valve & not any plastic ...
have the switch turned to the on position when you try to persuade it like Daksy recomended. It has worked for me on a couple of diferent units this year
Yes, that actually did the trick. Thank You!

However, it will last a couple of days and then I need to tap it again. Do you guys think I need a new valve?
Maybe. How old is the unit?
My HNG6000TRX-I was installed in 2004.
I have only had to "rap" it once, about 6 years ago...
As long as you can live with it...
I'm not really sure how old the unit is, but it could be as old as 15 years.

That said, it has worked like a charm ever since my last posting, so thanks again for the help!
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