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    My wife and I are looking to replace our current woodburning fireplace with a gas insert fireplace in our 200 sq. ft family room which is partially open to the kitchen area. I have been to several fireplace stores and now am totally confused. One salesman says an efficient radiant heat gas fireplace is all you need while another says a fireplace with a blower and thermostat is a logical choice. Based on the description of the area we want to heat what in your professional opinion is the approach we should take.


    1. A gas log in an open fireplace is a solution only if you intend to use the heat on an attended basis for 1-3 hours per day. In this case- an unvented or partially vented log may do
    2. A sealed- and vented (b vent or direct vent) insert is a great solution- which can be used as much as you want- and will provide a greater level of safety (no open fire)Of course- #2 costs a bunch more..but if you have the $$$- it's a good way to go. Most of the manufacturers on HearthNet sell the gas Fireplace Inserts. Jotul- Travis- HearthStone- etc. Others sell the unvented gas logs.
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