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    I have a vent free gas logs that have work fine for over 5 years but I have started having a problem with the fire going out. I will turn the fire place on but in 10-15 minutes the fire place cuts off. I have questions my gas supplier and they have recommend I have the gas logs blown out? Does this sound correct to you?


    first thing to try is to have dust blown from the pilot tube. Then on to other explanations. If you look at the article: How gas works: https://www.hearth.com/what/gas/howgasworks.html

    You'll see that your problem is that your thermocouple is not producing enough voltage to keep the valve open. It is producing enough before the burner is turned on, but once the burner is on, it steals some pressure from the line and then the threshold is crossed.

    So, you could have too small a pilot (dust in pilot tube) or Thermcouple connection to bottom of valve might need cleaning and tightening or Thermocouple needs replacement.

    Link: How Gas Works Link
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