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    Hi, I have a 32 year old house with a brick fireplace and gas logs.
    1- The damper opens only to it's vertical position, about 4" or so, is that enough? What is normal?
    2- Can I use this fireplace for full-time heat?
    3- Would a product called a "Heat Back" to deflect the heat work well with gas logs?
    4- Can I convert to wood burning, I have off yellow clay tile running up the inside of the chimney? If so, is it expensive?
    5- Does a gas log fireplace need sweeping?
    6- Do gas log fireplaces accumulate creosote?
    7- Do you recommend a gas log cleaner spray
    8- Are there different type of gas logs, and what are the cleaning procedures for each?
    9- My logs are as old as the house, is there any problem in trying to use them?
    10- Do I need a Hearth rug with a gas log fireplace?


    1. Yes, a 4" opening should be fine in most cases. The damper is very wide, usually 24" or more, so there is a decent cross section.
    2. A gas log is not made for full-time heat. If you purchase a quality GAS FIREPLACE INSERT, then you can use it much more often for heat.
    3. It will help a little.
    4. You can probably convert to wood burning if you have a tile-lined chimney. Have a certified sweep look at the fireplace first.
    5. Hardly ever, or never...
    6. No
    7. Depends. We simply take our cement logs outside and hose them off. Others can be brushed off.
    8. Vented gas logs are mostly ceramic fiber or hard cement. Cement ones can be taken outside and hosed or brushed. The burner pan can be emptied of the embers and sand and vaccumed out. The sand, embers and logs can then be replaced. Fiber logs and Vent-Free logs should be serviced professionally.
    9. That's quite old. I'd have a sweep who was familiar with gas look carefully at them and the valve(s).
    10. No, not as long as the fireplace has it's regular non-combustible hearth in front.
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