Q&A Gas Log Installation...How should the tubing look?

QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 24, 2007 at 3:53 AM

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    I am very confused about how our new gas logs were placed in our
    existing fireplace. The logs themselves look great, but the piping is
    from the front of the floor in the existing fireplace with a big yellow
    tube running down to the red cut off valve and the cut off valve sits
    right next to the knob for turning on and off. The tubing is held to
    the floor with a glob of yellowish glue. I'll admit you can't see this
    "mess" from across the room, but everytime I turn the fireplace on I
    feel like the technician did a very sloppy job. Also, he couldn't
    figure out where two of the smaller logs go and since they weren't in
    the picture with the logs I guess I can't fault him for that. Could it
    be that the smaller logs go on the floor to cover up the piping and
    glue? Am I just not familiar with gas fireplaces that this is an
    incidental complaint? I have called and left a message with the
    installation company but no one has called me back yet. Does this
    installation seem well done?


    Of course I cannot see your setup, but when we installed gas logs at my former store, we usually drilled through the side/rear wall of the fireplace or brought the line up through the ash pit. In 10 years of installing these we did not have one complaint about this. I don't know what the gob of glue ins, the log burn pan is usually supposed to be fastened to the hearth so it can't move. This makes it unnecessary to fasten the pipe.

    Assuming you have fully vented logs, the extra branches can go in different places, including on the hearth to help hide the piping.
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