Gas Logs Vented Setup

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Dec 3, 2022
Richmond, VA
A couple of questions. Need some guidance.

I am trying to buy what I need to have gas logs in the fireplace. Trying not to pay way more than I need. Countless options. Looking for switch-start.
I need a 18" setup. There is a gas inlet pipe entering the fireplace from the right midway on the right side. I want a burner where the switch and control box is on the left so that when installed, it is centered in the firplace. That gas pipe is going to push away the logs about 5 inches from the edge.

I need help locating a left-sided burner and logs for not a bank-breaking price.
Any guidance will be appreciated.

Also I need a way to keep my flue open. It seems the flue control handle is completely gone. The flue door sits closed but is easily openable by hand. Thinking of just sticking a bring there to hold it open. Maybe it doesn't need to be that wide open.

Plan view of fireplace attached along with a view of the flue looking up.

PXL_20221114_191623115 (1).jpg PXL_20221105_014338029.jpg


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Dec 2, 2008
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R. L. Peterson gas log sets allow you to locate the valve at either end of the burner. As far as that has feed coming in: do you know if you can remove & replace it with a shorter nipple? If not, a flexible gas whip might be your best bet. It will allow you some leeway in positioning the burner. As far as the damper goes, most - if not all - logsets come with a damper clip, to prevent the damper from closing all the way.
Hope this helps.