Gas Stove Cleaning

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New Member
Sep 17, 2021
Hello Again,

I posted a week ago about a Whitfield gas stove. I have since had a representative from local gas company take a look at the stove. He says its go to go for use and can do a LP tank setup in 2 weeks. I'm concerned at having it setup as the stove has not been used for a few years. I did arrange for the stove to be cleaned and checked by a wood stove company. But they will not be able to do it until the end of October. I downloaded the owners manual from and learned how to open up the stove. There is a lot of dust on the inside of the stove and soot on the ceramic logs and window. Additionally, there seems to be a pile of ash on the bottom of the stove beneath the log set. The rep from the gas company assures me that the technician doing the tank setup will do all the safety checks on the stove and lines. Can I clean up the stove myself? Some things are obvious for cleaning, but what else should be looked at or cleaned?


Feeling the Heat
Nov 12, 2019
usually just needs a light dusting and vacuuming on the interior. you can probably lift out the ceramic log set and clean under it, and examine the burner area. you can leave not that way until the tech arrives so he/she can examine it also.