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    I am contemplating use of a direct vent gas stove connected to a thermostat as the sole heat source for a 360 sq. ft. addition with the majority of the perimeter walls being glass. I have several questions as follows:

    Q: Will this be a viable option to maintain a comfortable room temp.
    Q: Based on your knowledge of building codes, would this option meet building code? Home is located in Wayland, MA
    Q: Does Direct Vent technology utilize a fan to draw intake air or to exhaust combustion byproduct? If yes, what is noise level?
    Q: Will a gas stove w/ Direct Vent technology continue to operate during a power outage?


    1. Yes, it could be the sole source. My office is 850 square feet above a garage and heated by a DV stove with a thermostat.
    2. Yes, the units are rated as furnaces and I think this should do fine.
    3. No, there is no fan. DV technology uses convection (natural air current) to vent the stove.
    4. Yes, electric is only used for the circulation bowers (if the stove has one)..and the stove will continue to function in a power failure.
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