Gas wall furnace suggestions

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New Member
Nov 17, 2021
Hello everyone. I've been doing a lot of research using this forum and I cannot express the help thus far. I was hoping to get some ideas and narrow down my search.

I have a 1000sq ft ranch. Minimal rooms upstairs, unfinished basement downstairs. I am curious about these Rinnai wall furnaces. The model I was looking at, for example, is the EX38CTN. With a max of 38k BTU's, and mounted in the basement, would this keep my small home sufficiently warm?

The basement ceiling is not insulated, and door could obviously stay open majority of time. There is also already gas lines running to where the previous owner had his stove, which was hooked up to the existing chimney with a 4" flue.

I am totally new to this, so I apologize if the post was a bit incompetent! My location is MA, by the way.

Thank you all!