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    If this isnt in the correct area sorry, move as you see fit.

    Ok here is what I know, there are two typs of gasification stoves/units. 1 is the kind you heat your home with and you want to burn every last drop of your solid fuel at the highest temp possible. 2 is the kind that you want to make as much smoke as possible so that it can be plumbed into a gas engine as its fuel.

    I am talking about #2. Other then adding scrubbers and coolers to the FEMA gasifiaction idea. Has there been any more advancement in the basic model?
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    Yes. The Victory gassifier runs at a high enough temp to vaporise tars that in the past tended to carbonise the interior of the engine.
    Search for their website. They offer turn-key units in a variety of horsepower increments up to big-block.

    Furthermore, there is a website somewhere with shareware tech for DIYs. If you can't find it, I can make a phone call.

    Pretty sure it was an upper left coast university that "perfected" the tech.

    A victory type gassifier combined with a water-cooled ICE generator can be assembled into a residential Co-Gen facility.
    One with such a setup, along with electric vehicles could readily enjoy complete energy independence.
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    They moved to the Emerald City in June. Neighbors now.

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