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Bluerubi Posted By Bluerubi, Dec 2, 2012 at 10:12 PM

  1. Bluerubi

    Burning Hunk 2.

    Nov 26, 2012
    Auburn, NH
    Feels like a rookie mistake, but I thought I'd share my oversight for anyone that might benefit.

    Started using a Vermont casting Merrimack insert as my primary source of heat three seasons ago. House is fairly new, and about 3000 sqft, so this unit is able to heat the whole place pretty well in southern nh. Since playing with my rebuilt firelight 12 A few weeks ago, I began to recognized the impact small changes in gasket condition can make. This prompted me yesterday to check out the Merrimack, and I found that on the bottom of the right door the 3/8" gasket had never even been compressed against the stove when the door was closed. The dollar bill test showed no resistance,so I decided to redo the doors. The manual for the insert tells you to stack gaskets if needed to take care of loose points, so I ended up having to do that in a 10" section. End result is a completely different stove that I now have to learn how to burn once again. Though it always treated me well, the air control lever never seemed really effective, a completely different case now. With tight doors the fire appears to burn just as slow as my cat stove, and slight adjustments in air position are instantly noticed.

    I never pay anyone to do anything for the most part, but I hired a reputable local stove company to do the insert and chimney liner install due to fear of messing up something so potentially dangerous. I assumed that everything was done correctly and checked, but I'm depressed thinking about how much extra wood I've used due to a poorly fitting door. Next time your stove is cool, I highly recommend checking the gaskets. Mine were still in great shape, but weren't doing anything.
  2. HotCoals

    Minister of Fire 2.

    Oct 27, 2010
    Today I took a pick and worked on getting the center depression back out where it should be on my gasket.
    Stove is on it's third season and also passed the dollar bill test.
    But I was getting some flame with the t -stat shut that I never got before.
    All is good flame on low burn.
    I'm going to get a new gasket.
    Mines sets in a fairly deep channel on the door and there is no glue!
    I have to look at the manual to see if there is supposed to be now.
  3. corey21

    Minister of Fire 2.

    Oct 28, 2010
    Soutwest VA
    Before put a new door gasket on my stove the fire was crazy looking at first i thought it was the wood i was burning. Then i put a new one in now i get real nice dancing flames.
  4. weatherguy

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    Feb 20, 2009
    Central Mass
    You should check the gasket with the dollar bill test a couple times a season, I didnt last year and it cost me a cat plus I went through more wood than I should have, we live and learn.

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