General feedback on F3CB install

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Nov 3, 2023
I’m finally making headway on my Jotul F3CB hearth install. So far, I’ve managed to prep the unit for paint, gaskets, and new glass. I’ve also knocked out the damper and fashioned a block off plate. I was planning to run a FOREVER FLEX 316L HYBRID PRE-INSULATED CHIMNEY LINER but a call to my local Jotul dealer to purchase a new flue collar sent me here. Basically, I was told that my stove was not compatible with a flexible chimney liner and that I had to go ridged stovepipe. Is this true? Any general concerns with my set up? I have 15 feet of chimney and the stove will be top vented flue adapter (#157740) for my unit would be much appreciated. THANKS!

IMG_9871.jpg IMG_9870.jpg
. Also, suggestions on tracking down a
Flex liner is fine. The stove will need a flex appliance adapter to go into the flue collar. The adapter is rigid and has a band clamp on top for the flex. These adapters come straight or angled.

liner appliance adapter straight.pngliner appliance adapt elbows.png