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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 29, 2007 at 4:34 AM

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    I recently purchased a Pellet Stove and placed in in my finished basement. I have one ceiling vent and one stair well leading to the first floor. The basement heats up well but I'd like advice on how to get the heat upstairs to the first floor. The only two options I've heard of is standard ceiling vents and ceiling vents with fans in them. Any thoughts?


    In my experience, cold air from the house often falls a forms a barrier that does not allow the heat from the basement to flow upstairs. Assuming there is a stairway door you can open, you have one method of heat flow, but you need at least two so air can flow both ways (feed and return).

    A nice sized grate in the ceiling near the stove would probably do a nice job. Since most pellet stoves have blowers, an ideal location for this might be 5 feet or more in front of the stove. The air should then come up through this grate, and fall back down the basement stairs. If the flow is right, a fan in the grate may not be needed. The grate should be a nice size, at least 12" square.
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