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    I have an old, but very serviceable coal insert stove. The cast iron banking plate is no longer available. Does anyone have any experience with using a thick steel planchet as a substitute banking plate? Does anyone know where I can get one or perhaps someone knows the whereabouts of a cast iron plate that I could purchase. The dimensions are approximately 5 1/2" high and 18 inches wide. > I just bought a house with a "Glacier Bay Wood burning Fireplace Insert".

    There is a baffle inside (like your banking plate?) that has burned through.

    I would like to fix or replace it for more complete / efficient combustion.

    Did you find a web site or contact for Glacier Bay? Were you able to fix yours? R


    Dear Kim; I think you're out of luck. The plate is no longer available. However, depending on how handy you are ( or know someone who is), you can cut steel plate to this dimension, ~5.5" X 16" and slip it in to the L frame tangs which hold the baffle plate. My brother in law went to a scrap yard and got some 5/8" steel stock and cut it to the baffle plate dimensions. If the stove is in good shape, it is worth doing. Another issue is the fan(s) than blow out the air into the room. They tend to seize with time. Check this out. They no longer make these either. IF the fan has a C-frame motor (The original fans were long and skinny on both side) replacement fan setup ( two squirrel cage fans on either end of the C-frame motor spindle), I have an extra motor that I can make available to you. Let me know what you want to do.


    PS. If you are using the stove as a wood burning stove, you do not need the baffle plate. If you are burning coal, you do. Where are you located? Getting anthracite (which is what you should burn) may not be that easy to get. Let me know what and where.
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