Glass doors on fireplace...what are they for?

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Minister of Fire
Feb 23, 2022
Champion, PA
I have these flimsy glass doors trimmed in gold on my stone/wood fireplace, likely built some time in the 50's and the glass/trim looks like it was added some time during the 80s. The glass is thin and the metal that the doors ride on is pretty flimsy. We never close the doors except to get a fire started. There are times when we have to leave to go somewhere, and let the fire burn down to coals, and while I have the screen system that is on this door system and another portable rigid frame screen that we place in front, Im wondering if the doors were meant for people like us that may need to go somewhere and want the peace of mind of closing those glass doors to ensure no embers make it through those two layers of defense.


New Member
Apr 14, 2021
For fireplaces, doors are mainly for ember protection, as you describe in your post.

For wood stoves, well-fitted doors are essential for controlling the air flow into your stove.


Minister of Fire
Nov 8, 2011
North Central Idaho
Most fireplace doors are not made to burn with them closed. Mostly just aesthetics when not burning. If the fire is mostly burned down you're probably okay shutting them but I'm betting the manufacturer states do not do it.