Glo-Boy pellet stove issues

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Dec 15, 2023
Hi all, this is my first post here. I'm definitely a pellet stove noob here, and I'm having issues with my pellet stove (second hand) getting plugged up (as the pictures show). It seems that if I turn the auger down by one, it can't keep up and the stove goes out. If I turn it up by one, it overpowers the burn area and it plugs up.

I will try to get pictures of the pellet burn area as well, but below the unburnt/built up ashes there is a metal plate with little vent holes in it. My question is the ask supposed to get there from the burn area down to the ash box below?

I know from some other hobbies that isn't great info, but I am hoping some members here can tell me what info I can provide in order to get some better advice (once I better inform you).

Thanks in advance.

Glo-Boy pellet stove issues Glo-Boy pellet stove issues
Welcome to the forum
Did you take your stove apart and clean all the ash from the inside?
It sounds as if your stove is full of ash or not getting enough combustion air.
Do you have a manual? If not get one here
and please read it as it will help you get the best burn possible.
Hi there and thank you for the reply. I believe I did dismantle it enough to clean the ash out, but I did not dismantle anything where the cold exhaust goes in - is that something that I should be opening up and checking?
So the damper was stuck?
Yes, I thought it was out all the way, but a quick smack with a hammer and it was able to slide out some more than what I thought was all the way.

I didn't figure it would be the intake, as I have it mounted in the basement and the air is coming in through from the outside without issue. But as you mentioned, looked like it wasn't being fed enough so I started looking elsewhere.
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