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schmeg Posted By schmeg, Nov 22, 2008 at 1:48 PM

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    Hello to all pellet pigs!

    I've gone through a half ton of Northeast pellets so far, living in the Bangor Maine area. I as well as 30 or so people bought a Glowboy insert from Granville stone, and they also sold over 100 freestanding units, (I believe they may go under the part# Glowboy 120) it's not a Cheap Charlie but same maker (Dansons). The unit heats the house well with 2 issues that are unresolved.

    1. The unit doesn't like long pellets (jams the auger) I have 1 ton of Northeast that have some pellets as long as 2 1/8th inches long. I know its a design limitation, not much I or anyone can do about it.

    2. There are 4 feed settings. The highest setting (4) causes the combustion fan to cycle to very low speed for a few seconds then to high for a while causing a pulsing of the flames.

    Granville sent out a tech to replace the board on the first service call because the board was getting a perminant dent in the off button. With that board I could alter feed settings during a burn and the convection fan would automatically increase with increase of burn pot activity. The new board doesn't do that, but the lowest convection fan setting seems a bit higher that the old board.

    On the second service call, the techs replaced all 3 sensors in the unit. It worked on high for a few hours, with convection fan on low, but began pulsing after a few hours of operation.

    I'm thinking the new board is at fault (maybe) because its not increasing the convection fan speed as internal temps of the stove increase and after a fashion one of the temp sensors goes whacky. Just my guess as a newbie.

    By the way,,,,Granville Stone has been great with their service. I can't say anough about of their customer care.

    Any thoughts? Jay
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