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Michael_Chasey Posted By Michael_Chasey, Dec 14, 2012 at 10:14 PM

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    Dec 14, 2012
    stove.JPG I have a Goldilocks and the screen is coming off the frame. Anyone know where I can find a replacement? Also, the stove had a plate in the firebox. It was angled. Lower in the back and higher in the front. It seemed to create a draft issue so I pried it out. Not easy but it improved the draft. Any idea what this was for? Guessing something to aid in the dual combustion but it seriously limited wood capacity.
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    It was the smoke shelf baffle. I would not suggest using the Goldilocks without one. (I wouldn't use any Fisher Stove without one) I've added quite a few to the single door stoves that didn't have them originally, and have not had a draft issue with any so far.

    Your problem with draft is not the stove, it's the chimney or installation. By removing the baffle, you're simply allowing more heat up the chimney to increase draft, and decrease efficiency. ( I'd guess you have a larger flue than the stove outlet, and it needs an insulated liner the correct size for this stove? ) By needing more firebox area, it sounds like you're using this smaller stove for the heat output needed of a Grandma. They were only a mobile home stove HUD approved for manufactured housing in a smaller area up to 1250 sf.

    The stove is one of the most efficient models when used with the outside air souce up through the pedestal. They also came with double wall connector pipe. No elbows, straight up insulated chimney. It requires a 6 inch flue all the way for the 6 inch model, 7 inch all the way for the 7 inch Canadian model, and 8 inch all the way for the 8 inch larger stove version.

    My 6 inch Goldilocks was always connected to the straight up Dura-Vent double wall connector pipe, and triple wall insulated chimney that came with the stove. It worked great with the baffle and loading as high as the plate was plenty of fuel. Closing the damper fully did not reduce draft too much with doors closed. (although this is not what the pipe damper is for) This has more draft effect than the baffle plate. With doors open, my damper could be closed about half way before any smoke would roll in at the top. The manual gives specific installation and instructions for the damper use. Just ask if you need the manual sent in a pdf format by starting a private conversation, or email if not a member to; The US or Canadian version is available along with other model manuals at no charge.

    You would be better off fixing the screen or replacing it using a mig welder. They are the same screen used on a full size Insert, or Grandma. They come up from time to time on eBay, but be prepared to pay ! They were available in the black arched top "Classic" style, or rectangular chrome frame known as "Contemporary" style. Both will fit your stove.

    Checking "Fisher Stove Screen" in the completed eBay auctions right now shows; A black Classic sold for; $202.50 in Nov. and $125 in Dec. A Contemporary sold for 150. Nov. 11.

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