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    Hello Coaly, another first timer here!
    I have read all 11 pages of the thread on the Fisher stoves. I agree with others on the knowledge you have and your desire to share it with others. Bravo!
    My interest started as I needed to find out more about my stove for insurance purposes.
    I have come to the conclusion that a grandpa sets in my basement faithfully warming our abode here in Michigan. My stove has a back pipe opening, the 4 fin draft caps, the newer coil handles, 1 piece top plate, straight top door, pins in hinges and no stars.

    I have measured and remeasured and studied and find a couple differences that I wonder about.
    the size- inside the box is 27.5 x 18 tight. the top plate is 32.5" and has 6.5" step and the box is 20.5 X 30.5" outside.
    The door hinges: look like the picture on post 226 with one exception, the top door hinge piece sets under the stove hinge piece (not on top of it).
    and, I could not find the G/ML on the door. Instead I find within the right side of the X- a 1/2" X 2" long oval set of numbers. the best i can decipher is 838847 with a near heart shape symbol below it. and it is turned sideways to the door. This set of numbers looks applied to the door. There is also a second "tag" very similar i could not read. Same set up on the right door but in the opposite position.

    Is any of this within the things you have seen or know? can these details define the year? I would like your opinion. thanks so much for being so smart ;-)
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    Welcome to the forum !
    Yep, there are a bunch of the larger size that's unexplained. The width of the top plate was supposed to be 29 1/2", which makes the box 27 1/2 wide. The overall depth from ash fender to pipe out the back was supposed to be 30 1/2". Perhaps that 30 1/2 number stuck in someones head, and they made some that WIDE instead of that DEEP ?? You got a little more steel for the money on those.
    Is your door opening the normal 22 wide X 11 high?

    All the hinge supports I've seen are welded on the stove so both door hinges rest on the plates to support the door weight. Yours would put all the door weight on the lower hinge plates only. A picture of that would be appreciated. Sounds like a screw up to me.

    I use Picasa 3 for picture resizing if your camera takes too large of a picture to post. If it's easier, you can send any pics you have to and I can resize them to post here.

    Are your legs tapered with chrome balls, or cut at a short 45* angle like the stove pictured below? I believe this would be the Grandma to match your Grandpa. The doors were sent out to be nickel plated, they were not like that originally. It shows how each door hinge should set on each plate, and this has the older draft caps with later springs to match yours. It also has the shorter trees, unlike the tall older style.

    Below is a 29 1/2 wide Grandpa Bear (older, with tall trees) that the hinges stick out beyond the stove to fit the doors. Yours probably has more room from the door edge to the stove edge so the hinges don't stick out. Seen 'em, don't know the story.

    Far right is a picture of of the wider 32" Grandpa.

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