Help IDing my Fisher stove (measurements don't match??)

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Dec 22, 2023
Here is a photo I took of the stove when we were touring the house (sorry, we are renovating the room now and I can't get a good picture!). I'm trying to ID the stove so I can find the right safety info to make sure we finish the room properly with clearances/heat shields, etc.

I can't get any measurements that seem to match up with a model of Fisher stoves shared in the sticky forums:

Width across lower top plate is 32.25 inches
Depth with fender/shelf is 27 inches
Height of tallest point is 32 inches from the ground (with feet), 24.75 inches without the feet included
The flu is 8 inches
Door opening is 21 inches x 10.5 inches

Any ideas?? We also can't find the number plate many are mentioning on the bottom, although it is hard to get to the stove right now and the bottom looks a bit rusty.

Thank you for any help!!

Help IDing my Fisher stove (measurements don't match??)
Grandpa Bear, pre 1980, unlisted.

The inside of doors probably have GP /L and R for left and right on them. Measurements are not exact to the measurements given in drawings since some fabricators varied slightly for their own reasons. Could be material sizing, brick fitment without cutting, or customers wanting just a little larger stove using the same doors.

UL Labels were on the back shield of the UL Listed stoves of this model.

Only a few fabricators numbered the bottom with a stove number. Serial numbers started with UL Labels.