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    I live in East Texas and have electric heat. It is expensive. I have a fireplace and wonder if the "Grate Heater" might add heat to my house. I understand my ordinary fireplace takes heat out of my home. Thank You, Scott Ward


    Yes, an item like the Heat n Glo (http://heatnglo.com) "Grate Heater" will add some heat to the room. It does best when used with glass fireplace doors. You could also use a fireplace insert, which is more efficient than even the Grate Heater. It is true that most fireplaces are not heat efficient...and many actually have negative efficiencies.

    11/2007 Heatnglo appears to have discontinued their grate heater. It could not be found on their site. Thermo-rite manufacturing still makes one though.

    Link: Thermo-rite
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