Green Smart II fireplace / wall mount transmitter

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New Member
May 26, 2022
Bought our first house back in 2020 and it had an amazing fireplace. Well lo and behold, the remote stopped working…. Changed the batteries, nothing happened. Swapped the batteries on the fireplace receiver. Still nothing.

The remote displays nothing whatsoever, I took off the backside of the transmitter (remote) and didn’t see any burn marks. I don’t know how to check conductivity from soldering but figured I’d ask if anyone has had this happen to them before I bite the bullet and buy a new remote for $120-155.

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Have you verified the charges in the batteries? These remotes are pretty “touchy,” & one battery with a low charge will cause the remote to malfunction.
Hey there,

I hope you haven't bought a new one yet!! When the batteries are changes out it is common for these remotes to loose connection between itself and the battery box/receiver. Easy fix though! On that battery box/receiver there should be a little tiny PRG button that when pressed in correspondence with the power button, will reprogram that remote for ya! I've also attachea a manual that has this is better detail for you to refer to : )