Heatilator GCDC60 Remote/Wall switch troubleshooting

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New Member
Jan 22, 2020
I have a Heatilator GCDC60 natural gas fireplace. It has a Robert Shaw 7000MVRB-5-LC gas valve and a Skytech RCT-MLT-II remote package with fan option and a wired wall switch. A few weeks back I was running the fireplace for probably as long as I ever have and it just shut off, remote transmitter started beeping. I assumed it was just a safety shut-off but in the weeks since I have not been able to restart the fireplace. I have done a lot of trouble shooting, replaced the wall switch, tried any resets on the transmitter, etc. And still nothing. I am at a point in my troubleshooting where if the wall switch is OFF and the transmitter/remote is OFF or in REMOTE mode, I can jumper the TH-TH/TP connections and will get a flame but as soon as I turn the transmitter to ON or the wall switch ON, the flame cuts out. What is this telling me? My first assumption was it was a bad wall switch, so I replaced that and it didn't work. My next thought is it is the switch component in the transmitter but i don't know how to take my troubleshooting to the next step. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.