Greentree Premium Pellet Fuel - Good or not??? Anyone used it???

Sierranevada Posted By Sierranevada, Aug 10, 2008 at 11:56 PM

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    Hello Fire Community:
    Lowes in Reno, NV has switched to carrying Greentree pellets (pine mix, .5 fines, .5 ash). They used to carry Golden Fire which seemed like decent fuel. I just bought 3 tons (to get in on a 10% off deal), not realizing they had switched brands. Now I'm wondering if I made a mistake. I've only picked up the first 1/2 ton, so I can still return them.

    I just installed a new Harmon Advance and I'm hoping for a trouble-free first season. Has anyone used Greentree pellets? Are they OK? They seem smaller than Golden Fire and I'm wondering about the "pine mix". I think Golden Fire is a hardwood blend. Can anyone give me any info on this? Thanks! Happy last days of summer!
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