Had a good run but it's time....


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Not bad for 15 years of roasting corn and pellets... I need to replace a couple components in my vent system as they are finally rotting out. The transition Tee and cleanout is getting pretty bad, I'm sure the inner stainless liner is perforated as the outer galvanized jacket is developing a rust hole and the cleanout cap, I had to replace last fall as the bottom rotted out and literally fell on the deck.

15 years on caustic corn (nitric acid fumes) isn't bad really. Can't wait to try and get it apart. Been soaking the joints with PBlaster in anticipation. I have a feeling I'll be cutting it off with tin snips.

Will roast my usual this winter, off grade field corn mixed with pellets at 3-1 ratio. Just put 5 ton of field corn in the grain tank, need to pick up a skid of pelllets. Brand don't matter. All the pellets do is prevent the clinkers that corn produces. Always burn 'old crop' off grade field corn, IOW previous year's crop.

Need to replace the door and lube all the bearings yet. It's all apart and scattered all over the shop anyway. I take it completely apart every spring.

Hard to imagine that in about 3 months it will be cold again. Looking forward to it though. Hard to beat sitting in front of the fire with my hot cocoa and reading a book.

Retirement is wonderful.


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May 17, 2010
Eastern Long Island, NY
You are referencing your USSC stove in your signature or just the piping? Either way, good luck. I haven't taking apart my pellet stove exhaust vent in about 8 years and figure if I have to do it, I will need to cut it out.

And yes, the change of seasons is something. Still have to get through apple picking this year.


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Stove and piping. Stove gets torn down yearly and blower and draft fan lubed, auger motors too and a good cean out with the shop vac. Piping, yes, Verticals are fine, the rest, not so much. I used to take it down yearly and clean it inside with some Purple ZEP and the pressure washer but I too, have been lax for a few years. Now, I get to pay..lol FYI, Home Depot online is the least expensive for venting. I actually paid less for the transition Tee than I did from Venting Pipe.Com years ago.