Hampton GCI60 Not Dropping Pellets

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New Member
Nov 2, 2023
Warren County, NJ
I have a 10+ year old Hampton GCI60 that I've had running on and off for the past week with no issue. Now suddenly it refuses to feed any pellets down. It shut down this morning flashing #3 on the panel, which typically would indicate no fuel. I added pellets even though the hopper was not completely empty, and hit the on/off button. It runs through its startup cycle, but doesn't drop any pellets at all. I've tried starting it up multiple times. It will ignite a handful of pellets placed manually in the burn pot, but that's it.

I had a similar issue last winter, and toward the end of the season (around late February/March 2023) I had to replace the auger motor. That did the trick and it finished out the heating season (and started the current season) with no issue. I can't imagine the new motor going bad already.

I will say that I have not had my chimney liner cleaned yet for the season, as the guy I normally have do it has been very busy. I'm scheduled for a week from tomorrow. Could it possibly be that there is a lot of buildup not allowing proper exhaust, and maybe it will magically start working after the liner/exhaust is cleared out?

Short of pulling this thing out and troubleshooting all the possible issues (again), does anyone have any thoughts on where to start? Very disappointed as I thought the worst was behind me with replacing the auger motor.

Appreciate any help!

A few years ago I was having a similar issue. The stove would run and I could hear things turning and moving but no pellets.

Ended up being a piece of bag had made its way into the hopper and eventually the auger.

It's a good thing to keep in the back of your mind during holidays after some drinks and the stove quits working the next day.