Happy Thanksgiving

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Minister of Fire
Oct 20, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving, all!

I'm alone this year. A farm nearby posted that they're having a potluck dinner at 2 PM. Just took brownies out of the oven for that. Going there.

FIL passed away in July. Nan went to NJ on Tuesday to be with her mom. Still trying to get her mom set up. MIL was going to SIL for dinner. Nan went down to be with her tonight.

We always deliver meals through Amvets in the neighboring town if we're around. They were moving, and I couldn't find anything that they are doing it this year. Was considering volunteering to serve meals at the Bishop's Holiday Dinner through Catholic Charities in Worcester, MA 24 miles away. Would have done that, if I wasn't going to the local farm. May do that on Christmas.


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
May your friends be many and your table have plenty. Thanks to everyone that make the Hearth a helpful place to meet.