Hard to believe this one.


Feeling the Heat
Jan 9, 2019
Apparently a local attempted to heat his house by cutting a hole in the ceiling and placing a window he could open in the roof. He then lit a fire beneath the hole expecting the smoke to rise through the hole. Instead he lit the house on fire. His neighbor got the story from a fireman on the scene and relayed it to me. Can people really be that stupid? In fairness to the homeowner, he was brain damaged pretty badly in a vehicle accident a few years ago.

If this is true, it beats all the lousy install stories by a mile.


Minister of Fire
Like Forrest Gump said..."Stupid is as stupid does..."

Kind of like one of my renters did, she's a single gal in her 20's. The lease specifically states that the occupants cannot do or change anything to the property including but not limited to painting or replacing anything pertaining to the physical plant...

So the kitchen sink faucet was dripping and instead of calling me and I would have repaired it, she 'Goggled' up how to replace it, went and bought a new one and installed it and actually did ok but forgot to replace the washers that seal the supply lines to the valve cartridges. Goggle didn't tell her that part...

Anyway, I go over to replace the furnace filter and the basement floor id covered with water and she's at work, so I spent 2 hours under the sink fixing her mistake, and mopping up the water. Of course she tossed the box with the sealing washers so I had to improvise (had them in the shop, not exact, but they worked.

She got an earful when she got home. Her comment was 'That is what it said on Google'. My comment was, read the lease stupid. Stupid is as stupid does.

While not as bad as cutting a hole in the roof to let the smoke out, people do really ignorant things. Human narure I guess.


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Feb 16, 2014
Well hopefully the guy gets the help that he needs, I've seen some people after a brain injury event, its sad, especially when the can recollect what they use to do in the past, vs now, its very frustrating for them.


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Nov 23, 2005
i see it all the time. people seem to think that if someone else can do so can i. i'm smarter than that person. they don't have the ability to say no i can't do this let me call someone that does. but this guy had a unfortunate thing happen to him and he can't help himself. shame on his family for leaving him alone. i hope he gets the help he needs.


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Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
One of the fraternities at University of Maine when I was going there was known to be an "Animal House" even before the movie came out. The brothers had let the place run down big time and they were known to hit up alumni for emergency repairs and then spend the money on parties. The brothers one day had an old couch they they decided was too bad for even them to let is stay in the building. The place a big old fireplace so they decided to burn the couch in the fireplace. It wouldnt fit in entirely so they just pushed the end of the couch into the fireplace assuming that as it burned they could just push it further in until it as full burnt. I expect alcohol was involved. Once the fire department came the house was fully involved and the only salvageable piece was the front door.

Of course anyone who has ever seen a real Tipi in use will find that when its cold a vent flap is opened at the top and a fire is kindled in the center of the tipi.