Harman Absolute 43 Feed Rate?

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New Member
Jul 18, 2022
Millville, MA
New user, I've had the stove since May of this year.
My question is what do you use for a feed rate?, factory setting is 65.
Stove runs fine, keeps the house at 70-71 (set to 71), but curiosity gets me.
I clean out the burn pot each morning, brush the insides, and empty thee ash bin each week.

Enclosed is a photo of the stove in operation after 14 hours.

20221214_194224.jpg 20221214_194126.jpg Harman Absolute 43 Feed Rate?
Yes, I know it's function. too slow it can't maintain temperature, too fast unburned pellets falling into the ash pan, other than that no info in the manual. It's at the factory setting, but being from a mechanical test background, I am curious what others may have found, normally the factory setting is based on an average. I see a lot in the forum from the P series owners about adjusting the feed rate and wondered if the Absolute does a better job due to its different controller.
I would try dialing down the feed rate to 70-72%.
Different quality pellets require different feed rates than the default factory setting.
I’m getting one these stoves next month. It is annoying that there are hardly any reviews or videos on this model.
According to the photos I would say that there is a lack of air
According to the photos I would say that there is a lack of air
Running on internal air, the installer said I did not need an external source unless the building inspector requested one (he did not). my house was built in 1954 so it is far from air tight. I have read conflicting needs for outside air, but may look into adding an external source next year.
The lack of air is not because you don't have an outside air intake.
maybe the air inlet damper does not open completely or there is an air inlet elsewhere and there is not enough air coming under the burn pot and passing through through the small holes in the burn pot