Harman P61 feeding too many pellets

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Mar 27, 2010
Southeastern PA
I bought a used P61 a few years ago. Two years ago I replaced the board and the ESP probe. Everything has been running fine until the other morning I came downstairs and the stove smelled hot. The flames were higher than usual and burning right out to the edge of the burn pot. This was on a Stove Temp Setting of 1 and a feed rate of 4. I shut it down and did a full cleaning including the ESP probe. After a day or so it did the same thing, went through way too many pellets and the stove got way to hot. I tried changing the feed rate to 1 but it's still over burning. Next I installed a spare ESP probe and still have the same issue with the new one. I'm looking for any ideas on what would cause it to overfire?


Try running it at 4 and 4 for an hour or so…do you always run it on stove temp or room temp with a probe as well.
Well I did try it at 4 and 4, after about 10 minutes I smelled burning and the flames were so high they were swirling all over the door glass so I shut it down. I was afraid the glass might crack.

Last night when I was messing with it I noticed it was giving a two blink error status. Everything I read on the two blink seems to indicate that the stove will not turn on, not over feed. I just installed the stove pipe this fall and it only has a ton of pellets through it.
2 blinks is an airflow problem, are you using an outside air kit? Check the flapper on the air intake and make sure there are no obstructions and the flapper moves freely through its full range