Harman Accentra acting wierd

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Feb 10, 2018
Northeast CT
I have a 10 year old free standing harman accented that has been trouble free. Because it's spring in New England, I've been turning it on and off to take out the chill. When I try and start it in room temp auto, most of the time, only the combustion fan comes on. If I turn it on and off a number of times, it will finally go into the ignition cycle and the ignitor light and feeder light come on and it operates great.

I have a magnehelic teed into the pressure switch. In test mode I get 0.5 in. on high and 0.3 in. on low. I've tested the pressure switch and it's working. When I try and turn it on, pressures is over 0.5 in. but no feeder or ignitor light until I cycle the knob a few times. Stove is clean, burn pot holes are clean, under the burn pot is clean, fines box is clean. Only thing I can think of is the pot to board is cooked, but would like some input before shelling out the money for a new board.