Harman Accentra FS dropped dead - HELP!!!

RKS130 Posted By RKS130, Dec 28, 2012 at 4:15 PM

  1. Lousyweather

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    I thought the gummint pretty closely regulated those GBF's....but, I guess there's always the possbility some rogue gremlins got out. I know they dont use proper signage out there, due to the fact that they are afraid folks will break in. I read something somewhere, probably the Ash Can here (so it MUST be true!), that they were actually subletting space from the US Postal Service, since they have alot more space now due to the advent of email and such. I beleive they harvest the gremlins for certain foodstuffs, primarily McRibs. There seem to be still some breeding issues with the gremilins due to inbreeding, so, sometimes the gremlin population crashes, thereby making McRibs unavailable for months and years at a time. Its actually a good thing a few of the rogue gremlins get out, for hereditary diversity. Its these gremlins which are used to bolster the population in the low population years. Being primarily nocturnal, its tough to count them....you might have some in your place but not really know it for sure....heck, even I heard something in the attic last night....I dont have the right size havahart trap, and so far havent found just the right bait.....
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  2. RKS130

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    I just worry about escaped GM gremlins cross breeding with those in the wild . . .

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