Harman Accentra Fs troubleshooting?

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May 18, 2016
North East Ohio
That time a year again, going through the paces and getting ready to fire up the pellet stove and doing my cleaning and test burn to see if I need to replace anything before the real cold happens.

So my stove is doing some crazy things. I don't even know where to start. It's throwing a 5 blink code. No pellet ignition after 36 mins. Checked my ignitor and the pellets they are pretty warm hot to the touch. So maybe I will need to replace the ignitor no big deal. So I start the stove in manual. Now pellets are not feeding at a decent rate to keep the fire going or it just seems like they stop feeding all together and the fire just dies out. Can't even get the fire up to temp to see if the distribution fan will kick on. Combustion blower is working. So I am leaning towards my board needs replaced or a bad esp. Leaning towards a board but want to see what you all think before I bite the 225 dollar bullet. Also ordered a ESP sense that was cheap and could be a fix.
Have you tried cleaning your ESP?
;) well done, always the simple stuff that EVERYONE overlooks most times…glad you figured it out