harman advance delayed lighting

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New Member
Jan 29, 2023
Keene, NH

Moved into this house just before last winter, first pellet stove experience, Harman Advance that previous owner says she had cleaned yearly and seems in great shape. I did not have this cleaned after last season and regret that now. Had a few times last season of not lighting on first cycle, but within a month this season will never light on first cycle, usually does on second or third. Seems to be getting worse over time. I have tried scraping burn pot, vacuuming everything I can reach front of stove. Burn pot seems to get very hot, plenty of pellets getting fed. Once it lights it is fine from then on (but I turn it off at night and when I am at work during day). I have put in calls to local pellet stove businesses but it is mid season so I assume it might be spring before I hear back. Would welcome any tips and, since it still does light eventually, is there a way to turn off the pellet feed while waiting, so that unburned pellets don't get dumped into ash pan during the process? I had once instance of house filling with smoke at night from smoldering pellets in ash pan.


stove and pipe needs cleaned. Dont use the stove until you do this. I attached a youtube video. It is probably plugged up behind the rear covers inside the stove