Harman Allure50 vs Absolute63?

dreamingofpalmtrees Posted By dreamingofpalmtrees, Jul 25, 2018 at 6:57 PM

  1. dreamingofpalmtrees

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    After 21 years of buying, fixing, and using new-to-us stoves, my husband would like to take the plunge and buy a new pellet stove from a nearby stove store.

    He's got his eye on either the Harman Allure50 or the Absolute63.
    With discounts, etc - it's about a $400 difference.

    The biggest difference that we see is the Allure is modern looking - and our house is a 1960s mid-century contemporary - so it's more fitting, though it's big, and would be sitting up on a hearth and be fairly imposing in the spot (vented out the fireplace). The Absolute is lower, low enough that it could be tucked into the fireplace, so would appear smaller, but has a more traditional look.

    This stove store has been around for a long time, but they do not service the stoves they sell. They do sell parts, and refer work out to another company.

    My husband is tired of being cold in the winter - whatever we've had has been grossly underpowered - we have a lofted living room with cathedral ceilings, live in the north east and have a huge a-frame type window in that room. Thinking these stoves would be better to heat the space we have.

    Any opinions on these models? He was looking at a modern Italian stove - there are so many cool, contemporary stoves in Europe - why aren't they sold here?!

    Thanks in advance. I really hate thinking about the winter in the middle of summer. But that's life in New England.
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  2. rich2500

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    sounds like you may want the extra oomph of the absolute 63 and you say it will be sitting up on a hearth so depending how high the hearth is the Allure already being tall will be a reach to fill with pellets.
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