Harman door gasket change. How often?

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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
I did see a case of a p61 where the door gasket was so old the air leak tripped the vacuum switch and the stove would shut down and not startup and run properly.
Here is a P52i Non TC - No touch control.
Approx 9 years old and the door gasket is frayed. The stove still starts and runs fine but not a good idea to have it stop on a cold night.
So how often do you change your door and/or ash pan or ash door gasket?
Pic 1 - original door gasket
Pic 2 - old gasket removed and wire wheel old black silicone sealant
Pic 3 - old original white frayed gasket
Pic 4- new clear high temp silicone sealant
Pic 5 - apply new high quality graphite impregnated 3/8” diameter door gasket
Pic 6 - new door gasket installed glass cleaned






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Well done and explained as usual Don!!!
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