Harman Hopper Issue

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Dec 19, 2006
I have had my Harman Accentra insert for 17 years. It has been a loooong life burning about 4-5 tons per year. I had someone replace the control board and door gasket once and I replace the combustion blower once. So I think it has been a champ.

Recently (the past few years actually) pellets are getting hung up and not sliding down to the bottom of the hopper. They are getting stuck on what I imagine are years of sap (maybe lignin) build up in the hopper. I tried to use a fine sand paper to sand it off a few years ago which wasn't overly successful (the pellets still get hung up in the hopper). How do I clean the hopper properly in order to remove this issue?

I have thought about lightly sanding the hopper again and spraying silicone on the walls of the hopper but I am not sure if this will create an undesirable effect. I am not sure what else I can do.
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I’m a car guy as well and tried Adam’s graphene ceramic spray in mine, among others but this is the most recent, works like a charm.
Dry silicone spray or car polish works for me.
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I tried acetone, mineral spirits, denatured alcohol, scraping and nothing worked. Then tried this stuff and it just dissolved all the residue and wiped it off with paper towels.

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