Harman Oakwood cast-iron woodstove

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Feeling the Heat
Nov 28, 2005
Anyone have any experiences with the Harman Oakwood cast-iron woodstove?


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Nov 28, 2005
Husband and I are considering this stove as replacement to our pre1980 VC Vigilant. We liked the look of it at the store. Would like to hear of people's experiences with it.


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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
I think I saw a couple of Oakwood owners over on gardenweb.com in the home forums fireplaces section. You might want to enquire there if no response here. It looks like a nice stove and Harman has a good reputation.


Nov 20, 2005
long pond pa
i have a harman tl 200 wood stove, what a great unit!! after 3 years it still goes strong, lots of heat great burn time and a good looker with the gold options, the best part is the top loading, no bending down stuffing it full at night!! and yes u can stack it right to the top!
from what i hear the oakwood is a cast iron brother of the tl 200, i think its a top load and also a good looker!
Harman is a great unit, ash door on bottom blower kit, and cooking grates if u wish (great when power goes out)
i would recomend it but most inportant is the top load!
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