Harman P68 pellet stove

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Feb 12, 2019
New York
A friend of mine has a P68 stove and the other day after he cleaned it he started it back up and the igniter just started to smolder and then everything stopped working. He found a 6 amp fuse was blown so he replaced it with a new fuse. Now the stove runs but not correctly. The auger motor runs constantly and stays running even when you have the hopper lid open. Has anyone had this happen to them with their P68 ? Does it sound like the circuit board is screwed up?
Thank you
Not an expert but I bet an expert would say to start by unplugging it for awhile and plugging it back in. Check again.
Run a self test and report back.
The stove had been unplugged for 2 days so he just plugged it back in and tried it. It still feeds pellets when the lid is opened. I told him to try it in test mode and it does the same thing. The status light wasn’t blinking at all
A local pellet stove company sent a tech to fix my friends stove. He replaced the circuit board and check the wires and igniter and said everything was fine. He ran the stove in test mode and said it was fixed. After the tech left we started the stove up and as soon as the igniter started to heat up it blew the fuse again. We changed the fuse and tried it again and has no power at all. We think it cooked the control board again. I’m not sure how the igniter is wired but wouldn’t you think it would be fused before the control board so it doesn’t keep doing this ? Also he’s hoping the stove company will cover the cost of a new board. He’s definitely changing the igniter this time also.
Couple questions my friend just told me the tech said it didn’t matter which way you plugged the igniter into the circuit board. He should probably check the board to see which is the hot side before installing the fuse correct ? Also does anyone know where he can send his circuit boards to be rebuilt ?
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With AC current black is line voltage white is common green is ground. Take the wire that comes from the board should be yellow, where the igniter hooks to that wire put the fuse in there. The lt blue is the common side of the circuit.