Harman PC 45 issues

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New Member
Jan 17, 2022
I feel like I may have multiple issues and don’t know where to start.

Type of stove Harman PC 45

Back story - stove was running fine while on Stove Temp setting. Switched to room temp and continued to burn. Woke up the next morning to a 6 blink status light. Since then, Auger will not feed pellets, when running test only combustion and distribution lights will come on and when shutting off in off position combustion motor will not shut off ( ran all night long)

What I’ve done.
- Unplugged and plugged back in.
- Complete cleaning throughout
- Inspected exterior air inlet ( no blockage)
- Inspected fan behind ash pan as well as exhaust, no blockage
- Cleaned out saw dust catch ( behind cover secured by wing nut)
- Pulled auger cleaned and ensured no blockage
-All gaskets are in place

I’m at a loss and any adice would be appreciated. Pellet stove services here where I live are few and far between and cost a premium. This is my garage heat soirée and I’d like to hopefully solve it without calling a tech.

Thanks in advance.
Suspect vacuum switch is bad, thus no auger. Try making a jumper wire to bypass it. Depending on control board vintage, the exhaust fans will run 5-6 hours after shutting them down. ESP might need replacing if fan runs all night as you stated.