Harman XXV blower quit

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Today my room blower stopped working. I bought the stove used and have been running it for three years since. The blower usually runs from Sep-Apr continuously so I'm not too surprised that it needs replaced.

Anyways, the Harman part is over $300, which seems like way too much. So I searched the part numbers on the actual blower and found the identical part for $100 with free shipping. I figured I would share all the part numbers.

Harman part number 1-00-29145, replaces 3-21-29045- Distribution Blower, Harman Accentra FS & XXV

Ebm Papst Crossflow Twin Blower Fan QLN65AC 65mm Impeller 0-60C 2-Speed 174-CFM

Mfg Model Number: QLN65/1818A8-3045LH-69UH Part Number: 55416.29089
Model Number on Motor: EM3045LH-69 uh-43 115/120v


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Jan 15, 2013
I just replaced mine which my dealer charged $180. I thought that was a bargain until now. Thanks for sharing your research.
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