Harman XXV Distribution Blower Installation

SelenaAmelia Posted By SelenaAmelia, Mar 21, 2013 at 8:52 PM

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    Mar 21, 2013
    Our problem now is the distribution blower. It started making a terrible screeching sound and sounded like it was having a more and more difficult time getting going. My husband thought that being a moving part, a little silicone spray would help loosen things up. So started his routine of spraying the blower when it made the noise. Not only did it not help, but the blower must have gotten gummed up until it stopped working completely.

    When he called our semi-local Hearth and Home store, they said they had the part in stock for half the price we could find online. The red flag I saw was the part numbers were slightly different. Our manual calls for 3-20-29045A while they had 3-21-29045. The salesman promised us it would work - that the new one replaced the old one due to obvious defects such as the terrible squeeling/grinding noise.

    When we got home, we noticed our blower was hardwired, while the new one has 3 prongs for wire connectors. If this is indeed the right part, how do we know which wires connect where? The prongs are labeled 1, 2, and 3, and we have white, red, black/blue, and green wires. Please help. It's getting colder by the minute!

    A little background, if you're interested: When we bought our house 2 summers ago, it came with a Harman XXV Pellet Stove. We don't know the age of it, but it was in really good condition - nice and clean and operable. Last winter was fine. This winter, we have had nothing but trouble and this is our only source of heat!

    After figuring out all of the settings, we were ok until we had a screw fall into the hopper and jam the auger - that took 3 days and $100 to diagnose and repair. That was when we really started to begin to get to know our pellet stove. We also have added a programmable thermostat - not a bad idea. But what a trip for 2 newbies!
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    Send me a PM with your email addy & I'll send you the XXV wiring diagram. I can't attach the file here...

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