Harmon PC45 troubleshooting

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Feb 28, 2024
Findlay, Oh
Morning Everyone,

I've been troubleshooting my fathers Harmon PC45.....and believe the control board is bad, but was wondering if someone here could read through my troubleshooting before I drop a few hundred dollars on a new control board.

After turning the stove one, here is what I'm seeing

#1 First thing to mention is that I'm not getting any error codes
#2 Power light is on
#3 Distribution Blower light is on and is running
#4 Combustion light is on, blower is not running, check voltage to it and there is no voltage getting to the motor
#5 Feed Motor light will briefly turn on, maybe for a second or two, but them turns back off. The motor never runs and I don't see voltage getting to the motor
#6 Ignitor light never turns on.

The ESP probe was bad and replaced, I also tested the ignitor and it tested ok.

Am I missing anything?
From my research, it appears the 1-00-05887 board is the correct one to purchase. Can you please confirm this is correct?


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from the Manual
FEEDER DOES NOT FEED1. No fuel in the hopper.
2. The Firebox draft may be too low for the low draft pressure switch in the feeder circuit to operate.
Check for closed doors, loose or missing gaskets on doors or hopper lid, faulty pressure switch.
3. The feed motor will not run until ESP senses 200° F. Maybe you did not put enough fuel in the burn pot before lighting the fire
.4. Something is restricting flow in the hopper or causing the slide plate to stick.
5. Feed motor has failed.

manual here
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Here is a copy of the wiring diagram. If you do not have power to the combustion blower, you’ll have low draft and won’t get power to the igniter or feed motor. I’d check to see whether you have voltage to the fan on the pins 10 on the board.
Unplug the stove for 5 minutes. Now plug it back in, all 3 motors should run for a few seconds ( about 3-5). If they all run start checking vacuum switch, door seals, plugged intake and exhaust. If they don't run I would bet it's a board problem. If there was a lightning strike close before it stopped working it's for sure the board. Even with a surge protector I lost 2 boards to lightning. 5887 is the correct board and as far as I know fits only the PC 45.