Has anyone ever used a log splitting service...

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    Once you get a routine down, things go quick.

    I'm at work and can't post pics right now, but you can see my proccessing area here: https://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/woody-mustash.110700/#post-1464229

    Years ago a co-worker bought 180 acres and built a log home. It was previously logged and had lots of paths through the woods. I was going over there helping him clean up blowdowns and standing deads. Drive 20 miles, find / acquire / fetch, cut and fill my s-10 with about 1/3 cord, drive 20 miles home, roll chunks off truck onto splitter table, split, throw in dump cart, push 20 feet, stack under deck. That was a 3 hr job, so a day's work = 1 cord.

    I used to only burn occassionally on my days off and evenings because I was splitting by hand. The first year I had a splitter I brought home 15 loads or nearly 5 cord and it allmost seemed effortless + I had opened myself up to the bigger stuff.

    Then he cleared some fields. Ripped trees out with an excavator and tossed them on piles. Similar deal, but I had to winch "dirty" wood off the piles, reppeatedly dull chains, etc. I gave up.

    After that operation dried up, I had a tri-axe load delivered. I used the 8K truck winch to pull 5 or 6 sticks off the pile 1/2 way. Instead of running the truck constantly, I ran a cord and plugged the charger in. Cut untill tripping over stuff. Drive garden tractor over with splitter attached. Split. Drop splitter. Hook up dump cart. Move and stack. If I stack the corners, the cute 1/2 does the main stacking. It goes quick.

    Feb '12 I got a truck load delivered that was to be cut on site @ 20". I came home from work one day to find the cutter had showed up and cut half of the pile, chunks were rolled off and tossed nearby but the problem was the larger the diameter the shorter he cut them. My stove was 22.5" deep hence the 20" request, not 14 / 15 / 16 etc. I was so pissed that I had to stack that undersized crap. Then I was fuming when my burn times were short.

    I don't think I will ever trust another cutter, I'd rather do it myself. 20 +/- 1 is what I shoot for.
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